The Newfoundland Shop is a 100% owned and operated Newfoundland company that supports the growing cultural industry in our province.  While it is our privilege to offer you a wide array of cultural products at exceptional value, we are equally proud to support the local artisans that place a tremendous amount of time and energy into their craft.  Our goal is to increase their profile around the world while creating a vibrant, cultural products industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

A large part of the Newfoundland culture is the hospitality of its people.  Many of our tourists remark that the people in our fine province make you feel welcome and make you apart of their home.  Our goal is to recreate this hospitality during your shopping experience with us.  Our employees will give you exceptional service while being open, courteous, and honest with you.  Our goal is not to sell you products - we want you to be a lifelong patron and friend of our company.  

Selection - the key to experience our culture!

Whether it is a beautiful piece of artwork or a great Newfoundland book, we want you to experience your little piece of this fine province.  We offer you diversity in product like no other company at exceptional value.  Our products support our local artisans and your patronage is key to their continued success.  We are vigilant in finding new and innovative products with cultural character and promise to offer them to you in a timely, professional manner.