Terence Crawford is a Newfoundland Artist who resides in Foxtrap, Conception Bay South, with his wife Carla and son Ryan. He is a member of the Visual Artists Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (VANL) and CARFACT. Terence received his formal training in Toronto, Ontario (1962-67) where he studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design, graduating with an honors degree. Terence worked as a Graphic Designer/Creative Director for both advertising agencies and major corporations over a 25 year period. He received numerous awards of merit in Graphic Design both nationally and internationally. His work has been published in art books and trade magazines.

Terence has always had a true love for the outdoors. In his spare time, he enjoys flyfishing, camping, outdoor photography and golf. Tired of his career as a commercial artist, in 1992 Terence decided to pursue his love of painting on a full time basis. Although adept in acrylics and oils, he decided that watercolours would be his medium of choice. Because of its transparent qualities and texture of the paper, he felt that watercolour lent itself well to a variety of techniques that could be utilized while painting different subject matter.

His watercolour paintings have sold throughout North America and parts of Europe. Provincially, his work has been shown in various galleries, including the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador. Terence has completed a number of commissioned works which have been purchased by private collectors, including the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. His paintings have been reproduced for a variety of trade magazines, calendars and greeting cards. Over the past twelve years, he has given watercolour lessons to a number of artists in the province


"Winter's Twilight"
The Battery, St. John's
Terence Crawford
Item # TC11
Image Size 18" X 25.5"
Framed Size: 27" x 34.5"
Limited Edition Prints 250
Artist Proof 40 ($200.00)
Giclee on Canvas 75 ($295.00)
$200.00 (Unframed)
  $319.00 (Framed)

"Summertime in Quidi Vidi Gut"
Terence Crawford
Item # TC10
Image Size 16.5" X 31"
Framed Size: 26.5" x 41"
250 Limited Edition Giclee Prints ($230.00)
30 Limited Edition Artist Proof Prints ($260.00)
75 Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Prints ($290.00)
$230.00 (Unframed)
  $329.00 (Framed)

"The Sentinels"
Terence Crawford
Item # TC12
Image Size 22" X 14"
Framed Size: 30" x 22"
250 Limited Edition Giclee Prints 
Artists Proofs ($190.00)
Giclee on Canvas ($210.00)
$160.00 (Unframed)
  $279.00 (Framed)

"Evening in Parker's Cove"
Placentia Bay
Terence Crawford
Item # TC8
Image Size 20" X 31"
Giclee on Watercolour Paper ($230.00)
Giclee on Canvas ($290.00)
$230.00 (Unframed)
  $349.00 (Framed)

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"Old St. John's"
Item # TC100
Terence Crawford
Image Size 14.5" X 22"
Limited Edition Print

$349.00 (Framed)

"Winter's Paint Brush"
Terence Crawford
Item # TC2
Image Size 14" X 23"
Limited Edition Prints 400
Artist Proof 40  ($150.00)
Remarques  25 ($210.00)
$120.00 (Unframed)
 $249.00 (Framed)

"Up The Down Street"
(Gower St., St. John's)
Terence Crawford
Item # TC3
Image Size 21" X 16.5"
Limited Edition Prints 400
Artist Proof 40 ($160.00)
Remarques 25 ($220.00)
$130.00 (Unframed)
$249.00 (Framed)

"In The Twinkle Of An Eye"
Terence Crawford
Item # TC4
Image Size 15.75" X 24"
Limited Edition Prints
$250.00 (Unframed)
$360.00 (Framed)

"Summertime on Military Road"
(Military Road, St. John's)
Terence Crawford
Item # TC5
Image Size 20" X 27"
Publishers Proof 30 ($150.00)
Artist Proof 35 ($160.00)
Remarques 25 ($220.00)
$150.00 (Unframed)
$289.00 (Framed)


"Inside Quidi Vidi Gut"
(St. John's)
Terence Crawford
Item # TC6
Image Size 15" X 30"
Limited Edition Prints 400
Artist Proof 40 ($160.00)
Remarques 25 ($220.00)
$130.00 (Unframed)
Sale Price   $269.00 (Framed)

"8th at Terra Nova"
Terence Crawford
Item # TC1
Image Size 16" X 21"
Limited Edition Prints 400
Artist Proof 40 ($150.00)
Remarques 25 ($220.00)
Giclee on Canvas 75 ($260.00)
$120.00 (Unframed)
 Sale Price $229.00 (Framed)

Terence Crawford
Item # TC7
Open Reproduction
Image Size 18.75" X 24"
Signed Reproduction ($56.00)
$40.00 (Unframed)
 $169.00 (Framed)

"End of the Line"
Terence Crawford
Item # TC9
Image Size 23" X 11"
Limited Edition Prints 350
Artist Proof 40 ($150.00)
Remarques 25 ($190.00)
$120.00 (Unframed)
 Sale Price   $199.00 (Framed)


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