Every art collection should be filled with paintings that evoke some meaning or emotion in your life.  While all of us have our own unique style and enjoy different images, sometimes a special piece of artwork is released to the general public that resonates with us all.  As an art gallery, we can quickly gage the reaction of the public to a new artwork release.  

From time to time, we secure from our distributors or from private collections limited edition prints that are sold out .  While the opportunities to purchase these prints are rare, we do not hesitate to secure them when they become available so that we can offer them to you in our Rare Artwork section.  In our opinion, these limited edition prints represent a great investment and hold immense popularity with the general public.  We are proud to offer you these very rare gems! Enjoy! 

Lloyd Pretty
Item # LP80
Image Size 13" X 16"
Frame Size 23" x 26"
390 Limited Edition Canvas Prints
$699.00 (Framed)

Extremely rare print! Only one in stock!

"The Old Handcat"
Lloyd Pretty
Item # LP110
Image Size 11.5" X 24"
Frame Size 18.5" X 31"
Limited Edition Print
$799.00 (Framed)

A very rare item!  This limited edition print sold out in less than four months due to its immense popularity with the general public.  The Old Handcat revitalizes the memories of winter as the kids take to the hill using the family work slide!  This print is a must for any art collection!

Only one available!

"The Wharf"
Lloyd Pretty
Item # LP201
Image Size 20.5" X 24"
Image Size 29.5" X 33"
390 Limited Edition Prints
25 Artist Proofs

$399.00 (Framed)

Limited stock remains!

"The Beaver Dam"
Item # LP120
Lloyd Pretty
Image Size 14.5" X 22"
Limited Edition Print

$599.00 (Framed)

An absolute must for any Lloyd Pretty art collector!  The Beaver Dam was one of Lloyd's original works in the mid 1990's that showcased his true artistic talent.  The serenity of paddling across the lake combined with delightful use of colour sets the mood for this work.   This print is one of the hardest to find and will not last long.

Only one available!

"Winter Moonlight"
Item # LP6
Lloyd Pretty
Image Size 12" X 30"
Limited Edition Prints 490
$499.00 (Framed)
One of Lloyd Pretty's most detailed works! "Winter Moonlight" captures the beauty of historic Trinity in the midst of a majestic winter.  This print was amazingly popular selling out is just four months!
 Only one available!

"Just Between Friends"
Item # CC100
Carla Crawford
Image Size 22" X 13.5"
Frame Size 32.5" x 24"
350 Limited Edition Prints
20 Artists Proofs
25 Printer's Proofs

$349.00 (Framed)

This is Carla Crawford's most wanted painting!  When Carla released this painting as a limited edition print, it quickly sold out and is one of the most cherished pieces from clientele all over the world.  It is framed in a beautiful champagne molding with a cream outside matt and a sand dune inside matt.  Simply irresistible!

Only One Special Edition Print Remain in Stock!


Richard Steele
Item # OA50
"Them Times"
Image Size: 14" x 20"
Framed Size: 23" x 29"
999 Limited Edition Prints
$150.00 Unframed
$269.00 Framed

Only one available!

"Northern Lights"
Item # DAR12
Danielle Loranger
Image Size 17" x 22.5"
Frame Size: 26" x 31.5"
Limited Edition Print 350
$799.00 (Framed)
 *Only one print remaining!  Very Rare item!