Ryan's Fancy


Ryan's Fancy helped to define East Coast and Newfoundland music in the '70s and '80s. Songs From The Shows highlights the raw power of the voices of the band, which consists of Denis Ryan, Dermot O’Reilly and Fergus O’Byrne. The tunes on the album (13 of them previously unreleased) were recorded over two decades ago for their TV shows at the CBC Television studios. All of the songs have been digitally re-mastered and sound as fresh as when the band were playing them live in their heyday.

“Ryan's Fancy popularized the traditional music and dragged it kicking and screaming out of the closet for the enjoyment of all.” Jack Kellum, CBC Television

Songs From The Shows

"Songs from the Shows"
Ryan's Fancy
Item# M-RF1


Title Tracks

The Wild Goose • Come Along • Go To Sea No More • The Cliffs Of Baccalieu • The Boys Of The Island • The Ryans and The Pittmans • Farewell To Tarwathie • The Squid Jiggin’ Ground • The Jam On Jerry’s Rock • The Hills Of Glenswilly • As Johnny Went Ploughin’ • The Green Shores Of Fogo • A Great Big Sea / The Copper Plate Reel • Come To The Bower • Fear a’Bheata.