Born in Toronto, Ontario, James A. Long's journey as an artist began when he was old enough to hold a pencil.  His eye for detail had soon caught the eyes of his grade-school teachers, and by his high school years, Jim was well on his way to defining his photo-realistic style which has made him famous today.

James is a completely self-taught artist who found inspiration in an unlimited number of topics - from landscapes to industrial images to the human form.  After graduating from Architectural technology in 1992, James moved to Eastern Canada to work in this profession.  It wasn't long before he found this limiting artistically and decided to leave this career and begin a new one as a Fine Artist.  His instincts brought him right back to the source of great passion in his life - hockey!  Working almost exclusively with acrylics, James has painted many famous athletes such as Felix Potvin, Martin Brodeur, Mats Sundin, Borje Salming and even the Hanson Brothers of "Slapshot" fame.  Jim has also turned his hand to custom goalie mask painting, something he finds very rewarding and has done for clients as far away as Los Angelas, California.

It is James" photo-realistic style that is his trademark, and has earned him his little niche in the art world.  He is comfortably seated amongst some of the best sports artists in the world.  From comic strip art to architectural renderings, it is these experiences that have made Jim the artist he is.  he is very passionate about his artwork, and the viewer can sense this immediately when looking at any of his pieces.

"I try to bring the emotion and energy I feel or sense in a subject into my images.  I decide what intrigues me most about a subject, and then begin the task of relaying this theme to the viewer.  I am a perfectionist.  I cannot put a painting aside as done unless U know I can look at that image in life and feel it displays my best work."

James' artwork is part of public and private collections worldwide, and each of his pieces is eagerly awaited.  He has refined himself an artistic style at such a young age, that he has decades to build on his own work and become one of Canada's best.

James Long
Item # JL13
150 Limited Edition Print
Image Size 10" X 23"
Frame Size 19" x 32"
$124.99 (Unframed)
$259.00 (Framed)

James Long
Item # JL14
Open Edition Print
Various Sizes Available
$59.99 (10 x 23, Unframed)
$199.00 (19 x 32, Framed)


James Long
Item # JL12
Limited Edition Print
Image Size 18" X 27"
Frame Size 26" x 35"
$243.36 (Unframed)
$389.00 (Framed)

"George Street"
James Long
Item # JL11
Open Edition Print
Image Size 10.5" X 22.5"
Frame Size 19.5" x 31.5"
$60.00 (Unframed)
$179.00 (Framed)
Limited Edition Remarque Print
Marked #2/50
Certificate of Authencity Included
Image Size 15.25" X 32.5"
Frame Size 25.25" x 42.5"
$1599.00 Framed

"Our Proud Past"
Item # JL2
Image Size 20.5" X 32.5"
Frame Size 30.5" x 42.5"
399 Limited Edition Prints
$200.00 (Unframed)
$369.00 (Framed)

"Faithful and Fearless"
Item # JL3
Image Size 20.5" X 33"
Frame Size 30.5" x 43"
299 Limited Edition Prints
$200.00 (Unframed)
$369.00 (Framed)

"George Street - The Cobblestone Corridor"
Item # JL4
Image Size 14" X 22"
Frame Size 24" x 32"
Open Reproduction

"The Republic"
James Long
Item # JL9
Image Size 10.5" X 22.8"
Frame Size 20.5" x 32.5"
450 Limited Edition Giclee Prints 
Artist Proofs 45 ($110.00)
$100.00 (Unframed)
$229.00 (Framed)

"Hockey Days"
Item # JL7
Image Size 22" X 38"
Frame Size 32" x 48"
Limited Edition Prints 4999
$590.00 (Unframed)
$699.00 (Framed)

Original For Sale: $3,500.00

"Wedding in the Park"
Item # JL1
Image Size 11" X 21"
Frame Size 21" x 31"
900 Limited Edition Prints
$110.00 (Unframed)
$229.00 (Framed)

"Canada's Fearless"
Item # JL5
Image Size 18" X 24"
Frame Size 28" x 34"
Limited Edition Giclee 4999
Artist Proofs 499 ($130.00)
Remarques 49 ($140.00)
$115.00 (Unframed)
$249.00 (Framed)

Notes:  $5.00 from every print will be donated to the Atlantic Burn Unit!

The framed original painting of "Canada's Fearless" will be awarded to one of the first 300 buyers  (valued at $8,500.00)!!

The artist can customize the print with the firefighter's badge number on the helmet for $25.00 extra! A perfect touch for one of your heros!

"Canada's Proud"
James Long
Item # JL10
Image Size 10.5" X 22.5"
Frame Size 20.5" x 32.5"
4950 Limited Edition Giclee Prints 
49 Artist Proofs 49 ($149.00)
$114.00 (Unframed)
 $249.00 (Framed)
$5.00 from each print sold will be donated to the 
Military Family Resource Fund to help support our troops.

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