Shopping at The Newfoundland Shop is more than a cultural is also rewarding!
Every time you purchase one of our items, you automatically receive Home Rewards points.  No cards! No detailed statements!  Your invoice will automatically add your points every time you shop.  In addition, you receive extra reward points when you refer a client to us!  No other loyalty rewards program offers you that feature!
For every dollar you spend with us, you earn one Home Reward point.  You won't believe how fast your points add up!   Imagine, free products for referring your friends to our stores and galleries.  Simple...Easy...Rewarding! 
Start accumulating your points today!

Home Points

Gift Certificate Value

1200 $50
2000 $100
3000 $200
4000 $300


1.  The greatest number of Home Points awarded for a referral on any one purchase 300 points.  

2.  Points are only accumulated on regular priced items.

3. Points are not accumulated on original paintings.