In the past ten years, Robert Parsons has become one of Newfoundland’s most popular and prolific writers, specializing in stories of shipwrecks, rescue and survival in the waters off Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Canada’ s Maritime provinces. Recently retired from his teaching career, Bob now devotes much of his time to researching, writing and promoting the sea-going history of Canada’s eastern provinces, of the ships, and the people who sailed them. 


"Between Sea and Sky"
Item# B-RP1


At the extreme extent of our vision, the sea and sky merge together, becoming only a line on the horizon. Sailors and fishers exist in a fragile, self-contained world – the ship – which serves to separate sea and sky. Ever subject to the elements of weather, wind and sea, these individuals, particularly in times past, survived through their skill and knowledge, coupled with a propensity for hard work under trying circumstances. That so many survived is a testament to that skill and knowledge; when skill and knowledge weren’t sufficient, survival usually became a matter of good luck. The eighty stories in Between Sea and Sky tell of courage, hardship, self-sacrifice, misadventure and good luck.