Michael J. McCarthy was born in St. Jacques, Fortune Bay, moving to Terrenceville at the age of five, where he attended school until grade XI. He attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Ottawa, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Literature. After graduating, he taught in a number of communities until his retirement in 1986.

Mr. McCarthy is the author of three novels - The Journey Home, The Treasure of Kelly's Island and Escape. Furthermore, he has also co-authored Shipwrecks of Newfoundland and Labrador Volumes I, II, III, IV; A Christmas Box; Buried Treasures of Newfoundland and Labrador; and has written for magazines, radio and television. He is married to the former Ann Hamlyn and has two children: Michael and Karen. His place of residence is Mount Pearl.

The Irish in Newfoundland paints a vivid picture of the Irish experience from the early days of anti-Catholic persecution when a house could be burned to the ground simply because Mass had been said there, to, by the turn of the twentieth century, relative peace between Irish Roman Catholics and English Protestants.

Mike McCarthy's painstaking research has resulted in a book that is a treasure trove of information about those first Irish immigrants. He tells their story from the legendary voyage of St. Brendan, to the modern era with the construction of the Basilica in St. John's. The Irish in Newfoundland looks at religious restrictions, political turmoil and the fierce partisan involvement of the clergy in nineteenth century elections, the justice and denominational school systems, legends and folktales, and faction fights between Irishmen from different countries.

But most of all, this book tells of the men and women who came from a beloved old country to an unknown new one, to create a better life for themselves and their children.
"The Irish in Newfoundland"
Item# B-MM1


Christmas has always been a time of celebration in Newfoundland and Labrador. Customs of England, Ireland, Scotland and France were brought over by the early settlers and blended over the years into a unique style of holiday. In the communities along our six thousand miles of coastline, residents still celebrate many of the old customs—shooting guns, having "sweet bread", plum pudding or a mug of flip, and going out mummering or jannying. Yuletide Yarns is a special mixture of 24 tales from Christmases gone by. From a variety of story-tellers, the reader will be exposed to Newfoundland Christmas customs, stories and memories, and will understand why getting home for Christmas is still important to nearly every Newfoundlander.
"Yuletide Yarns"
Item# B-MM2

Passed from one foster home to another, David is on probation after a series of offences with the law until a thoughtless ordeal ends in tragedy and turns him into a fugitive.

Through a narrow escape from the police, David evades the law by turning to a tough but satisfying way of life with Silas, an old fisherman in a small, isolated Newfoundland community. With a beautiful girl named Jeanie, he finds love.

For the first time since the death of his parents, David finds a close relationship and discovers a sense of purpose and pride. However, one fateful night when he and Silas are investigating a signal from a mysterious ship, a terrifying event threatens his newfound happiness. David proves his courage - only to find out that he must pay for his freedom.
"The Journey Home"
Item# B-MM3