Dale Ryan was born in 1975 in Southern Harbour, Placentia Bay.  His youthful and refreshing perspective on his home province is very apparent in his artwork.  By illustrating some of Newfoundland's most renowned traditions and customs, like "pond hockey" or the annual ritual of "mummering" at Christmastime, Dale Ryan celebrates his early youth as only he remembers.  

As a self-taught artist, he has honed his talent since he was six years old.  In May of 1999, Dale painted "Fresh Snow", his first commercial venture in art reproduction.  Building on the response of his first artwork, Dale completed "Full of Cheer" in May of 2000, his first limited edition print.  In September of 2000, the very popular "The Original Six" went into reproduction along with "Charlie's Stage".  "The Original Six" celebrates the young rural Newfoundlander and their dedication to the wonderful game of pond hockey.  "Charlie's Stage" is Ryan's first venture into scenic outport Newfoundland and it illustrates this province's strong attachment to fishing and the sea.   

In 2007, Dale launched Anchor Island Adventures, a children's book publishing company. As an author and illustrator, he published his first book in the series titled "Nathan and Friends".

"Anchor Island: 
Nathan and Friends"
Dale Ryan