Beni Malone has quite the career in performing: heís been part of the scene, either in Newfoundland or elsewhere, for about 25 years. He has studied at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Florida. He also heads up Wonderbolt Productions here in St. Johnís, which has produced numerous shows in the past, along with the popular Wonderbolt Circus Show, which tours and performs in Bowring Park and on Water Street every summer.

"The Sights Before Christmas"
Beni Malone
Item# B-BM1
Young Barnaby Doyle is a fun-loving kid who, like most children this time of year, is just about to come out of his skin with excitement.  However, as much as Barnaby tries to keep his eyes open, he cannot stay awake.  As Barnaby drifts into sleep, he has dreams filled with madcap Mummers: the Turkish Knight, the bold-but-not-so-bright Sir George, his faithful wood horse Fred and, of course, the wild traveling medicine man, Dr. Pepperoni.  Even after the Mummers disappear to the echoes of a Christmas Carol, the Christmas magic continues... Barnaby wakes to share the joy of Christmas with one and all.